Student Life
Outdoor Education

Core Skills

Students participate in one trip per school year, beginning in first grade and continuing through eighth. Through each unique trip, students gain an understanding of the natural world through real-world experiences. The experiences build on one another other so that students completing the eighth grade leave our school with important skills in the following areas:

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  • Safety and Judgment

    Safety and accident prevention
    Hazard evaluation
    Wilderness medicine
    Injury prevention and treatment
    Basic first aid
    Emergency procedures
  • Leadership and Teamwork

    Self-confidence, self-awareness
    Expedition behavior
    Judgment and decision-making
    Tolerance for hard work
    Teamwork and collaboration
    Small group expeditions
    Practical leadership opportunities
  • Outdoor Skills

    Equipment care and selection
    Keeping warm and dry
    Route finding and navigation
    Campsite selection
    Shelter and stove use
    Sanitation and waste disposal
    Cooking and nutrition
    Hiking, backpacking, caving, climbing, rappelling, canoeing
  • Environmental Studies

    Leave No Trace principles
    Flora and fauna identification
    Archeology and geology
    Land management
    Cultural issues
    Public service
    Wilderness ethics
    Local history
Our skills and standards are inspired by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Core Curriculum.
We have adapted and/or expanded them to be developmentally appropriate for our students.

St. Clement's Parish School

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