Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Education Program at St. Clement’s School is a springboard for our youngest learners. Our program provides the first opportunity for children to develop a love for the process of learning. It provides a chance to show children that school is a place where a child can feel safe, loved and respected. Our Early Childhood Education Program gives young children the opportunity to understand boundaries and rise to expectations. Children learn how to form positive relationships with adults outside their families. They learn how to be a friend, how to handle change and how to function independently. This is the essence of our program – the springboard.

Beyond the springboard, our Early Childhood Education Program provides many more opportunities for our budding young learners. Our students enjoy learning through play, the language of learning for children. Learning Centers are created with intention to invite children to explore and discover independently. Learning Centers incorporate opportunities for children to acquire and broaden cognitive and language aptitudes.  Students in our program are challenged to create artistically and musically through purposeful learning opportunities in the classroom and during content specific enrichment classes. Children advance their fine motor skills using manipulatives and sensory materials. Gross motor skills are strengthened through practice during playground time, physical education classes and locomotor movement in the classroom setting.

The Creative Curriculum provides a framework for teachers to craft lessons designed to engage students in learning through purposeful play. Thematic units are also used to help generate well rounded lessons with current relevance for students and their families. Students in our program are also exposed to the Spanish language during Spanish enrichment as well as throughout the school day during regular classroom instruction.

Fostering healthy social and emotional development is a cornerstone of St. Clement’s Parish School’s Early Childhood Education Program. It is imperative for a child’s first school experience to provide a foundation for future learning. Our program promotes self-regulation, problem solving and conflict resolution.

In keeping with the school’s mission to promote each child’s academic, spiritual, artistic, physical and intellectual growth, the Early Childhood Education Program strives to nurture the whole child – to meet them where they are and walk with them along their way.

Early Childhood Teaching Staff

List of 11 members.

  • Photo of Tamara Hansen

    Mrs. Tamara Hansen 

    (915) 533-4248 ext. 2041
    Vanderbilt University - Master of Science in Nursing
    Miami University - Bachelor of Science
  • Photo of Kimberly Barela

    Mrs. Kimberly Barela 

  • Photo of Lisa Brock

    Mrs. Lisa Brock 

  • Mr. Jorge Cobos 

  • Ms. Lucia De La Pena 

  • Photo of Catalina Gutierrez

    Mrs. Catalina Gutierrez 

    University of Texas at El Paso
  • Ms. Trish Jacobes 

  • Mrs. Mahrla Manning 

    University of Texas at El Paso
  • Photo of Yoli Milliorn

    Mrs. Yoli Milliorn 

  • Photo of Lynette Montes

    Mrs. Lynette Montes 

  • Photo of Priscilla Pelking

    Mrs. Priscilla Pelking 

    University of Texas at El Paso
    Baylor University

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