Visual Arts

Students enjoy exploring and working with a variety of artistic mediums in activities involving painting, sculpting, ceramics, drawing, printmaking, photography working with textiles, paper mache, paint, inks, and clay.

A Personal and Expressive Language

Art at St. Clement's is about using one's own personal expressive artistic language to develop visual narratives. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences in the art room.

Art classes for students in prekindergarten through eighth grade are designed developmentally around the use of the Elements and Principles of Design, the building blocks for creating a work of art. Our talented art instructor models the importance of attention to process and the details of production.

Students eagerly offer their best work for our annual Art Show and have opportunities to enter pieces in local art competitions.

Students Learn To:

  • Rely on their perceptions of the environment stemming from increasing visual awareness, memories, imagination, and life experiences for sources for creating artwork.
  • Express their thoughts and ideas creatively while challenging their imagination.
  • Analyze artistic styles and historical periods.
  • Develop reflective thinking, disciplined effort, and problem solving skills.
  • Develop respect for the traditions and contributions of diverse cultures in and around our borderland city.

St. Clement's Parish School

St. Clement's School is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and the Texas Education Agency through the Texas Private School Accrediting Commission (TEPSAC).