4th Graders Learn About the Legal System

As reported by KVIA News:
Tuesday was career day for  fourth grade students at St. Clement's Parish School. As part of the event, students participated in a mock trial. The person on trial? Infamous fictional character Goldilocks. The famously-indecisive suspect was on trial for having bad manners. After a lot of deliberation, a jury of students handed down a verdict-- not guilty. Students participated by filling each role in the legal process. The fourth graders became lawyers, plaintiffs, judges, and jury members.
"It tells them that this is their system, they're part of democracy too. It's very important they get to see this first-hand," says program organizer Omar Carmona, who is also a practicing attorney.

St. Clement's says it will plan similar events for its students in the future. 

St. Clement's Parish School

St. Clement's School is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and the Texas Education Agency through the Texas Private School Accrediting Commission (TEPSAC).