Campus Gardening

The fifth graders maintain two memorial gardens on campus dedicated to honoring two of our past students.
The gardens are named after these students - Nikolle’s Garden and Karla’s Playground Garden. These gardens bring much joy and enhance the environment of the school campus greatly.

Gardening provides different forms of engagement for the fifth grade students including planting, maintaining, harvesting, working cooperatively in groups, and learning about science. They garden on a biweekly basis during the school year depending on the weather. In the summer, volunteers from all grades, and often their families, tend the gardens.

Taking care of the two gardens of the course of the fifth grade year has lifelong benefits for our students:
  • Studies show that children develop an increased understanding of ecology and the interconnections of nature, and then transfer that knowledge to scoring significantly higher in science achievement testing.
  • Studies also show gardening positively boosts students social and interpersonal skills.
  • Many of our students become inspired to begin gardening at their own homes.

St. Clement's Parish School

St. Clement's School is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and the Texas Education Agency through the Texas Private School Accrediting Commission (TEPSAC).