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Our Program

Offering a strong fine arts program through enrichment and elective courses in addition to integrating the arts within core academic classes is a priority at St. Clement's School. Students have opportunities beginning in the early grades to be imaginative and expressive as they explore and develop their artistic talents. They develop the ability to frame their perspective of the world from an aesthetic perspective.
In the words of Dr. David Sousa, international consultant in educational neuroscience, the arts are not just expressive and affective, they are deeply cognitive. They develop essential thinking tools:
  • Pattern recognition and development
  • Mental representations of of what is observed or imagined
  • Symbolic, allegorical and metaphorical representations
  • Careful observation of the world
  • Abstraction from complexity
The arts also contribute to the education of young children by helping them realize the breadth of human experience, see the different ways humans express sentiments and convey meaning, and develop subtle and complex forms of thinking.