St. Clement's Parish School

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Board of Trustees

The St. Clement’s School Board of Trustees is an integral part of the St. Clement’s Community. The Board sets policies, goals, philosophies, standards and objectives of the school and ensures that the mission of the school is served. Furthermore, the Board of Trustees ensures that the fiduciary obligations of the institution are maintained through the establishment of appropriate policies.


The board has one employee, the Head of School, and relies solely on the Head to administer the business and operations of the school and campus.  Problems or concerns about the school should be directed to the Head of School, who makes regular reports to the Board President and Board of Trustees.


Our dedicated Board of Trustees for St. Clement's School 2016-2017:


Veronica Skidmore - President

Josh Hunt - Vice-President

Michelle Duncan - Treasurer
Fred King - Secretary



Claiborne Gallagher

Reynold Gonzalez

Michael Kotowski

Bruce McComas

Caroline North

Laura Pople
Norma Price

Susie Schneider

Kelli Stephens

The Reverend William C. Cobb, D.M. - Rector, Church of St. Clement
Riley Stevens - Senior Warden, Church of St. Clement
Don Ward - Junior Warden, Church of St. Clement


Non-voting Members

The Reverend Ron Thomson - Trustee Emeritus
Risher Gilbert - Trustee Emeritus

Rick Betts – Head of School

ChaCha Schatzman - Parent Council President